Astor backpack 10 lt. Camouflage Max 1, from Markhor, designed for use on safaris, in high mountain areas, for all hiking enthusiasts. Buy here!

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Markhor Astor backpack 10 lt. Camo Max1

Astor backpack 10 lt. by Markhor, designed for use on safaris, in high mountain areas, for all hikers. This backpack features an attractive design in Max 1 camouflage tones, as well as a 15-year warranty.

The Astor backpack from Markhor is made of waterproof materials and an interlocking foam incorporated in the lumbar area, this backpack is ideal for humid, rainy places, and even with hot climates.


The Markhor Astor 10 liter Camo Max backpack features:

· Breathable fabric and interlocking foam incorporated in the lumbar area.

· Manufacture of waterproof materials.

· Ambidextrous strap to carry any arm

· It has a pocket and a compartment made with high quality and durability YKK zippers.



· Measurements: 40x21x5 cm

· Weight: 340 gr.

· Capacity: 10 lt.

· Warranty: 15 years.


How does the Markhor backpack fit?

Fit: To adjust the bag to your size, it is important to fit the bag carefully, make minor adjustments, and make sure the bag is the correct size. We must ensure that the shoulder strap goes over the shoulder from the back panel without leaving the shoulder at any time. The belt should be snug and positioned over the iliac crest (weight is on the waist), depending on the fit, there should be enough room to remove or add layers of clothing.


How is the Markhor backpack maintained and cleaned?

Being an extremely durable product, it is built for years of use and treatment in the harshest conditions.

However, we can take basic measures for its care and maintenance:

• After each trip, clean the backpack: shake off dirt, clean and remove any stains, with warm water

• If it gets wet, it should be laid out protected from the sun in a ventilated area.

• Open all straps

• Store the backpack in a cool, dry place.


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