BENCHMADE knives, the best tactical and outdoor knives

The Benchmade Knife Company has been manufacturing knives since 1979, better known for butterfly knives or BaliSong.


Benchmade manufactures tactical and outdoor knives and pocketknives, some of the best in the world

Here you will find tactical, outdoor, rescue, everyday-carry, hunting and survival knives.

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Why is Benchmade Knives famous?

Benchmade makes knives:

· Tactics: for immediate use, sturdy and hard knives for situations where performance is important

· Rescue: for critical situations. Gloved hands and the need to cut flexible materials are considerations in the design of these knives

· Every-Day: convenient and fit in general with your needs

· Outdoor: from water to wood, or camping, fishing or kayaking

· Hunting: Benchmade makes the most advanced knives for hunting tasks


It uses manual opening mechanisms, assisted opening or fixed blades. Depending on your needs, you may need one or the other.


In addition, they use steels and high quality materials. Using the perfect steel composition can make the difference between a perfect cut and a simple cut.

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