Hydrapak hydration are the most recognized and durable sport bags. Flexible and collapsible bottles for hydration and nutrition gel complete the more prestigious brand for its practicality and durability. Light and compact.

Hydrapak are the most recognized hydration systems in the world

Hydrapak, since its founding, has revolutionized the way athletes hydrate during the race, climbing, trekking or any other sport where you need a good hydration system.

The Hydrapak bottles and Hydrapak hydration systems are based on an innovative design, with quality and resistance as the main factor when developing their products.

The best Hydrapak hydration systems

Bottles for running and trekking
has developed flexible bottles such as UltraFlask or SoftFlask that allow you to drink water and gels and, when finished, store it without taking up space or weight in your backpack or bag.


Hydrapak hydration system for hiking

The Shape-Shift hydration system adapts to the body of each person and is very resistant. The Stash bottle is the best option: it folds over itself occupying the minimum space when it is empty and you can store it wherever you want.

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How do I clean my Hydrapak bottle?

Simple - reverse by placing your hand in the tank (make sure it is empty!), Grasp the bottom and pull it through the top opening. It's like turning a sock inside out. The molded opening can also be turned after the tank body has been reversed. Then you can put it in the dishwasher or wash it with water and mild soap. Make sure the tank is completely dry while it is turned inside out.



The Shape-Shift features a removable baffle that locks for a slim profile and greater stabilization and unlocks for a full volume. When unlocked, reverse for easy cleaning: put it on the top shelf of your dishwasher or rinse it with mild soap and water. Make sure the tank is completely dry while it is turned inside out.


Stash bottles

We recommend rinsing the Stash bottle thoroughly before its first use and cleaning it regularly. Due to Stash's flexible design, we do not recommend placing it in the dishwasher.
Fill your bottle with warm water and use a bottle brush along with a mild soap to clean it. Rinse well and place face down to dry.


Cleaning your SoftFlask

All our SoftFlasks are dishwasher safe so they are very simple to keep clean. If you are loading with energy gels or if you are mixing your own nutrient mixture, we recommend that you use a bottle brush.

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