Leatherman is the most prestigious multi-tool in the world. Tim Leatherman came up with it and made it after a trip to Europe where he needed a pair of pliers together with his multi-tool.

Mr. Leatherman dreamed and created it, trusted his invention and spared no efforts until his first big sale in the US showed that the idea of ​​including the pliers in a multi-tool knife was a great option for both professionals and civilians; Carrying such a powerful and efficient tool in your pocket was a great invention.

In the spring of 2018 Algatec has celebrated with the Leatherman family in Barcelona the 25th anniversary of its first Leatherman PST. Listening to all its history, from its idea, materialization with the highest quality materials and engineering, to its commercialization has been an indelible human memory. The tenacity and confidence in his product, the hope of conquering people with a truly good multi-tool, without marketing only by using the value of his Leatherman took him to where he is now, the great brand of multi-tools, led him to create the geniuses such as Charge TTi, the Wave, the latest Leatherman Tread.

For Algatec it is an honor and a great satisfaction to recommend and offer the best with a Leatherman, the best product. That in addition to having a 25 year warranty has the best after-sales service, impeccable.

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Which is the best Leatherman?

This recurring question, that all of us who have bought a Leatherman multitool we have got many answers.

We have a list of the most sold, but we have to always think about what we are going to use.

We assume that we want a pliers, so we reduce the selection in a few models. And we also take into account that the pliers are not all the same.

Undoubtedly the most versatile would be the Charge TTi, 19 uses for mountain sea or military professional actions, total strength.

The Wave the most popular Leatherman, 16 uses, its relation quality price is the best.

The Signal could be defined as the Leatherman outdoor, 19 uses designed for generic survival.

The Surge is the force, the power, with super pliers and everything in a big way, a beast with 21 uses.

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