Comfortable and safe Inook snowshoes

Founded in France in 1995, manufactured in the Alps, Inook is the only French brand that sells asymmetric snowshoes. All its products are high-tech designed so that users enjoy maximum comfort and safety from the snow.

Inook snowshoes are tools that are attached to boots and are used to move more comfortably and quickly on snowy or icy terrain, being used especially when hiking, mountaineering or mountaineering in winter.

Thanks to the distribution of the person's weight over a larger surface, the Inook snowshoes prevent the foot from sinking into the snow, achieving the famous so-called "flotation"

Its usual dimensions vary between values close to one meter and 50 or 60 cm. Depending on the type of snow on which you progress (powder or hard), larger or smaller dimensions are used respectively.


At Algatec Outdoor, we have Inook racquets for all types of terrain, whether in powder, on the track or even for slopes!


  • The characteristics of the Inook snowshoes are their heel counter and their grips:

ABS Heel Pad: A pioneer in the snowshoe industry and committed to innovating towards maximum comfort, Inook features a patented ABS heel pad system that helps shift the hike from neutral to uphill without the need to bend over.

  • Grip: A variety of steel tips and grip make the difference between levels of difficulty of this sport.
  • Snowshoes for all levels of difficulty of the terrain and for all users:

The High-Tec technical range as the OXM professional snowshoe for hikes on slopes of real difficulty

The TOURING touring range for experts like the Odyssey racket

The Progressive refinement range for those who are already comfortable on snow crossings without great difficulty.

The Initiation range for beginners in this world of walking through the snow with snowshoes such as the INOOK E-MOOM.

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For the French brand Inook, pleasure comes first

Inook, wide, as every year, its range of multilevel snowshoes to reach a greater number of users.

In the children's range, a new hook has been introduced to improve grip and foot stability.

Beginners need a special snowshoe that is lightweight, easy to carry and adaptable to various sizes that change frequently. They also guarantee maximum security. Also, they do not forget the importance of the game, because for children snowshoeing is just a game before it becomes a sport.

As for the range for adults, Inook is constantly evolving, at the same time maintaining the differential element that distinguishes Inook snowshoes from the rest. The evolution in the color range and technical innovations give your 2019/2020 collection its own personality.

If you take a closer look at all the Inook brand models, you will clearly understand the brand's strengths: comfort and safety combined with innovation and technology.


When choosing Inook snowshoes, we must take into account several important criteria



If you are very tall, you can go for something wide.

On the other hand, for medium and small heights, it is better to choose a slightly narrower pair so as not to end up walking with the legs spread and arched.

  • Regarding the length, it generally varies between 55 and 70 centimeters, and can weigh from 1 to 2 kg. The choice will depend on your weight and the type of snow you are going to walk on.

Do not take into account only your weight, because you have to take into account the clothes, which are bulky in winter, but also the weight of your backpack. For this reason, an itinerant hike with a well-filled bag requires a pair of snowshoes with a larger support surface than a day hike.


It is important to choose well to facilitate a proper gait.

  • Typically each pair of snowshoes indicates the ideal weight for use on its data sheet.

All you have to do is choose according to your total weight: you with the clothes and a full backpack.


As for the price, the snowshoes vary between € 50 and € 300.

Most of the models are made of composite materials, an inexpensive and resistant material. These rackets are versatile and suitable for all activities.

The aluminum ones are intended for experienced practice, or for extreme cold such as high mountains or mountaineering.


You should know that the surface that supports the load will depend on the snow on which you walk


Now we are going to leave you several examples

In the case of hard snow with little depth, on the paths marked in the stations, it would be possible to choose a pair of snowshoes smaller than normal.

In the case of a lot of powder snow, as happens on off-piste walks, special care must be taken to respect the recommended weight of the snowshoe and not exceed it under any circumstances.

If we exceed the recommended weight for snowshoes, there is a risk that they will break.


Auxiliary elements of snowshoes that help us go off-piste


Heel blocker, mandatory element to be able to walk correctly.

  • This element gives mobility to the heel of the racket, providing a more natural and fluid gait.

Lifting wedge, to raise the heel and reduce the effect of the slope saving energy.

  • This element is very useful when it comes to steep climbs with a lot of unevenness.

Crampons, to facilitate the progression in the different sections that we can find with hard snow or with a steep slope.

  • This non-slip element is usually made of stainless steel.
  • There are three types of crampons on the market:

· Traction crampons also called "front claw".
Traction crampons are placed on the forefoot, acting primarily on ascension.

· Downhill crampons
Downhill crampons are less common, they are placed at the height of the heel ensuring the descents.

· Lower or lateral crampons
The lower or lateral crampons are essential on the flanks to avoid lateral displacements, they secure the snowshoe when it is fully supported on the surface.


For high mountain tours where the wind hardens the snow, sometimes turning it into ice, it is important to be careful and always be well equipped!


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