Inook snowshoes comfortable and safe.

Made in the French Alps, Inook snowsoes have become an indispensable accessory to enjoy the snow. Unique brand in selling asymmetric snowshoes. Walking through the snow with these snowshoes becomes such a pleasant journey that it catches you.

The characteristics of Innok snowshoes are its heel pad and its grips:

ABS heel pad: A pioneer in the snowshoe sector and committed to innovating towards maximum comfort, Inook has a patented ABS heel system that helps change the neutral position rise to rise without bending down
Grips: a variety of steel tips and grips make the difference between difficulty levels of this sport.

Snowshoes for all difficulty levels of the terrain and for all users:
The High-Tec technical range such as the OXM professional snowshoe for crossings with true difficulty slopes.

The TOURING crossing range for experts such as the Odyssey snowshoe.

The range of Progressive improvement for those who are already unfolding with ease in crossings in snow without great difficulties.

The Decouverte initiation range to start you in this world of snowshoeing with snowshoes like the INOOK E-MOOM

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For the Inook brand, pleasure comes first.

Inook expands, as every year, its range of multilevel rackets to reach a greater number of users.

In the range for children, a new hook has been introduced to improve grip and foot stability.

Beginners need a special racket, light, easy to carry and adaptable to different sizes that change frequently. They also guarantee maximum security. In addition, they do not forget the importance of the game, because for children riding snowshoes is just a game before becoming a sport.

As for the range for adults, Inook is constantly evolving, while maintaining the differential element that distinguishes Inook snowshoes from the rest. The evolution in the color gamut and the technical innovations give your 2019/2020 collection its own personality.

If you look closely at all Inook brand models, you will clearly understand the brand's strengths: comfort and safety combined with innovation and technology.

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