Flashlight MagLite

The Maglite flashlight combines the well known design with the reliability, able to control de light beam with a new technology that makes it one of the flashlights with a huge brightness, a good battery life and other changeable settings from the flashlight.

The flashlight manufactured by Mag Instrument are the result of years of research, as well as a development and improvement in manufacturing, using the most modern and innovative techniques.

The company Mag Instrument was founded by Anthony Maglica in 1955, since its inception Mag instrument products maintain the founder's obsession with engineering and precision, offering the highest possible quality in each component of their products.

That's why all MagLite flashlights are a highly reliable tool to cope with the harshest conditions.

Over the years, MagLite flashlights have become an icon in the American market and in the rest of the world.

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