Flashlight OLIGHT

Olight Flashlights has an increasingly well-known recognition and prestige for two main reasons, especially for its powerful reflectors - LEDs and for the imposing quality of its pocket flashlights.

Olight to hunt, Olight to carry, Olight flashlights caprice. Olight powerful flashlights for all needs.
In addition to all the quality of its materials, the pleasure of making aesthetically unique and different flashlights, flashlights even limited editions to mark their exclusivity are allowed.
From their hunting flashlights to their professional flashlights or the small rechargeable Led flashlights, the most recognized Olight are:

  • 1. Olight M3XS UT Javelot
  • 2. Olight S1R Baton II
  • 3. Olight S30R III
  • 4. Olight X7R Marauder kit
  • 5. Olight Warrior X 2000
  • 6. Olight H2R Nova Headlamp
  • 7. Seeker 2 Pro flashlight with L-Dock charging base.

8. Olight Seeker 2 Pro Flashlight

Olight lanterns have the highest user satisfaction, that is their success because they respond more than any expectation.

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