Spyderco manufactures the best knives and knives in the world. Reliable and high performance.

Spyderco is, among fans and users with knowledge of cutlery, the name that first appears when talking aboutbenefits, quality and innovation

Founded in 1979 by Sal Glesser, Spyderco manufactures his pocket kniveswith global components and distributes to more than 60 countries.


Where does Spyderco's fame come from?

Spyderco was the first company to manufacture a revolutionary knife, since it included a round hole in the blade to open it with one hand, which ended up calling it Trademark Round Hole ™, by putting a clip on the handle to be able to carry it in the pocket and to include a combined blade with smooth and serrated edge for more versatility and cutting power.


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Why are Spyderco knives so famous?

For its high quality materials, both the blade and the grips

· Steel CPM® S30V®A type of steel made with dust particles, which provides better resistance to wear and tear over time. It is listed as one of the best steels in the market, due to its production complexity as well as its composition.

· Carbon fiber handles / G-10 / Micarta, Kraton

· Blade coatings in Black Electric Plating, DLC, titanium carbonitiride

· Stainless steel: Steel that contains a minimum of 12.5% of chromium, which makes the steel resistant (not stains) to corrosion.

· Titanium: A non-ferrous metal used in the manufacture of blades for its high tensile strength, light weight and corrosion resistance.


By the shape of the blade

· Bowie: any number of variations of a blade with a primary cutting edge with a curved "belly" and a trimmed point.

· Leaf Shaped Blade: A blade form developed and refined by Spyderco. It is similar to a spear point, but not completely symmetrical, and has a sharper point and, generally, has no wedge.

· Sheepfoot Blade: A blade with a blunt rounded tip and a straight cutting edge.

· Wharncliffe Blade: A blade shape in which the tip of the blade tapers down from the spine to find a straight cutting edge at the tip.

· Spyderedge: Spyderco's two-step tooth pattern consists of a large tooth and two small teeth. The pattern increases the area of the edge surface by up to 24%.

· Plainedge: A sharp knife blade without teeth or teeth sometimes called "soft leaf".

· Hoja combinada: A blade that is partially PlainEdge and partially SpyderEdge on the cutting edge.


For its security mechanisms

· Ball Bearing Lock: a patented compression lock that places a ball bearing between a fixed anvil and the tang of the blade. The mechanism also serves as a retainer to hold the blade in the closed position.

· Compression Lock: A locking mechanism using a leaf-shaped spring of a split liner on the handle to fit laterally between a ramp in the blade pin and the stop pin (or anvil pin).

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