Sea To Summit is to travel lighter with technical materials. Bags and backpacks Ultra-Sil and Ultra-Light watertight for excursions or trips. Bags and Thermolite mats, antibacterial microfiber towels, and hygiene and outdoor accessories, Australian manufacturing the highest quality.

The Sea To Summit brand aims to "equip" and "inspire" the most extreme adventurers, researching and innovating to stay at the forefront, manufacturing lighter, high-performance equipment for all types of adventures, from high-altitude expeditions to family camps.
The wide range of products of the Australian brand Sea To Summit offers a very perfectionist design in all its products. These products include the range of comfort mats or ultralight mattresses, its extensive range of sheets and sack sheets that offer incredible performance, and sleeping bags that allow a great quality at rest.

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The origins of Sea To Summit began in 1983 in Perth, Western Australia, when it was very difficult to find products ideal for outdoor activities, Roland Tyson, an enthusiastic climber and adventurer, began to manufacture his own equipment with an old sewing machine in your room.

A year later, Tim Macartney-Snape approached Roland to prepare his next expedition to the summit of Everest, starting from sea level. In 1990, Tim stepped on the highest point on earth, becoming the first person to climb Mount Everest from the sea. The name of the expedition, Sea To Summit, inspired the name of the company. The perfect analogy of how Roland had been designing and producing equipment for years.

Decades later, Sea To Summit continues to be inspired by a perfectionist and innovative design, which allows us to develop ingenious and highly functional products. Undoubtedly, one of the best options for all kinds of outdoor adventures.

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