Nalgene has been manufacturing bottles and jars for some time, safe for food. Using Nalgene, you reduce the amount of plastic you use daily, and after a year, you'll save money by throwing around 170 plastic bottles. In addition, Nalgene uses recycled plastic to create their bottles and containers to store water, so nature will thank you. Beyond this, Nalgene offers you several wide mouth and narrow mouth bottles so you can choose the best product that best suits your needs.

You also have bottles for children, the Nalgene Kids.

In Nalgene they believe that they should help people to simplify their day-to-day life while preserving the amobiente environment.

If you are looking for an almost indestructible bottle for an adventure or the mountain, or a clean, ecological container, there is always a Nalgene container that will be perfect for you.

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