The best Bridgedale technical socks for lovers of hiking, mountaineering, running and skiing.

In Bridgedale they believe that small things make and make a difference and make a smile on our face. That is why Bridgedale socks have been transforming our footsteps every day for more than a century.


Bridgedale waterproof socks

Bridgedale manufactures 100% waterproof socks, the Stormsock series with knee length, with Merino padding, ideal for outdoor activities, where stronger insulation is more necessary.


Depending on the sport you are going to do, you will need one type of Bridgedale or other socks:

· Waterproof: series Stormsock

· Ski: series Ski

· Explorer, mountaineering: series Explorer

· Hiking: series Hike

· Trail: series Trail Sport

· Every day use: series Everyday

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What socks do I need for skiing?

It doesn't matter if it's your first time skiing, or if you're a pro now. You will find in Bridgedale ski socks the ones that best suit you and your needs. Specially designed for cross-country, downhill, cross-country skiing, each Ski Bridgedale sock offers comfort, performance and insulation.


What socks do I need for exploring and mountaineering?

Bridgedale Explorer socks are designed and designed to be worn in hiking boots and during prolonged cold activities.


What socks do I need for hiking?

The Bridgedale Hike series is made and designed if you go hiking for hours, or simply if you walk around the block or walk for a while. Each sock of the Bridgedale HIKE series is designed for any type of adventure, offers good comfort and durability, kilometer after kilometer.


What socks do I need to trail?

When the word "less" means "more." If you weigh less, you will go further. The Bridgedale socks in the TRAIL SPORT series offer fantastic comfort for those who go hiking, biking or running in the biggest world competitions.


What socks do I need for daily use?

Many of the adventures not only occur in the great mountains of the world, but can also occur in the streets and sidewalks of our city. The Bridgedale Everyday series can be used wherever and whenever you want.

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