Perfect snowshoes to make your adventure as comfortable as possible. Weight 1040g x 2, user weight 45kg to 120kg, foot size 34-47.

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  Aerotec Desing

  Auto Gliding


AXM Snowshoes Inook

Well performing and economic model.

A simplified version of the RX, with single buckle adjustment and AGS heel-step.

The size can be easily adjusted.

It has a low rise to level and low a rise to ascend, so the foot will adapt the horizontal position with respect to the slope.



  •  Weight: 1040g x 2
  •  Resistance: 45kg to 120kg
  •  Step size: 34>47


AGS: Auto Gliding System. Pressing the pole on the rear part of the lever is enough to change the position, without bending.
MSC: Multi Spìke. 6 steel spikes are assembled whilst lastics are still hot; they are oblong or conic. A front claw –either with three or five teeth- complements the hold with maximum grip
AD: Aerotec Desing. The profile of the frame shows a turned-up bow to keep the snowshoe constantly above the snow. The rear openings avoid any snow accumulation above and under the frame.


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