The Vortex Golden Eagle HD scope is a great choice for competitive shooters, offering specific characteristics perfect for sport shooting.

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Vortex Golden Eagle HD Scope

The Golden Eagle HD Vortex Scope is a great option for competitive shooters who look in a scope for a very specific set of characteristics to achieve as high as possible in the competition. The 15-60x magnification, the fine reticle that it offers and the easy tracking of the objective, suppose some indispensable characteristics to obtain a shot of record. In addition, its light weight allows the shooters to comply with the strict weight limits they demand in the competition.



· Premium HD: Premium crystals of extra low dispersion. It offers the best color resolution, obtaining a high definition vision.

· XR Plus Fully Multi-Coated: The patented XR Plus Fully Multi-Coated Premium coatings, allow the highest level of light transmission, interspersing multiple anti-reflective layers on all lenses for maximum brightness and contrast.

· Armor Tek: ArmorTek's ultra-hard scratch-resistant coating protects the outer lens from scratches and dirt.

· Argon Gas: Sealing with Argon anti-humidity gas. Avoid internal fogging over a wide range of temperatures.

· Waterproof: Waterproof scope, designed to offer maximum performance in the harshest conditions.

· Shockproff: Shockproof and recoil manufacturing.

· Plasma Tech: The cutting-edge application process Plasma Tech, provides a coating without distortion of parallelism, durability and exceptional performance.


You can buy the Vortex Golden Eagle HD Scope in the following models:
· 15-60x52:

- Tube: 30 mm.

- Reticle: ECR-1 (MOA) or SCR-1 (MOA)

- Focal Plane: SFP

- Lighting: no

- Eye-lens distance: 99 mm.

- Turret: Target.

- Field of vision: 1.9 - 0.5 m / 91.4 m.// 6.3 - 1.7 ft / 100 yrd.

- Length: 40.89 cm

- Weight: 842 g. 


What Vortex Golden Eagle HD scope models are available?

· Vortex Golden Eagle HD scope 15-60x52 ECR-1 (MOA) ( Ref: TCS-1503ECR-1 )

· Vortex Golden Eagle HD scope 15-60X52 SCR-1 (MOA) ( Ref: TCS-1501SCR-1 )


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