Bandit ice ax for ice climbing and technical mountaineering resistant, functional and very light.

Singing Rock
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Length 50 cm
Weight 610 g

Singing Rock Bandit Ice Ax 2021

The Singing Rock Bandit ice ax is a versatile ice ax ideal for a wide variety of uses. Especially suitable for demanding technical mountaineering and ice and waterfall climbing. Available in two versions: with hammer and with shovel.

Thanks to its modular design, this ice ax can be adapted depending on the type of ascent you are going to do. Its curved handle allows it to be nailed easily creating an optimal grip angle.

The cleat, handle and modular head of the Bandit ice ax are made of hot forged aluminum alloy. The modular head supports different blades, so you can use the ice ax with the Ice Pick type "T" blade for ice climbing - included - or change it to the Dry Pick blade for drytooling. The Dry Pick is not included. In demanding mixed climbing, the ice ax can be used without a shovel or hammer, as they are also modular.

The shape of the head allows it to fit into cracks and offers good support in soft snow. In addition, the weight of the head is carefully designed so that the swing when striking facilitates the penetration of the blade in the ice. Mass stainless steel counterweights are included with the Ice Pick blade for more powerful balancing.

The ergonomic dual-density plastic grip of the ice ax provides very good thermal insulation. It has a removable intermediate hook - Rhino - that offers a wide variety of grips and a dimensioned spike - Boxer - that protects the fingers and allows climbing without a leash. Both can be disassembled and the Bandit can be used as a more conventional technical ice ax. The carabinerable hole in the head of the Singing Rock Bandit ice ax allows you to hang your ice ax from a gear carrying carabiner attached to the harness or attach a leash strap to avoid losing it during your approaches or crossings. On the other hand, the hole in the carabinerable lower spigot allows you to attach a bifid leash - Bunguee - or also a carabiner so as not to lose it, in this case, during ice climbing. The Singing Rock Bandit ice ax has a length of 50 cm and a weight of 610 g, an ice ax for ice climbing and technical mountaineering resistant, functional and very light.


· Versatile ice ax, ideal for technical mountaineering and ice climbing
· Modular design
· Ergonomic dual-density plastic grip
· Chromed steel blades
· Length: 50 cm
· Weight: 610 g
· Available in "Hammer" and "Shovel" version
· CE 1019 EN 13089


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