Alpha 50 is the next-generation dog tracking system for handheld devices. Intuitive and easy to use, the Alpha 50 handheld incorporates a 2.6-inch color display, an optional built-in rechargeable battery, geofences and advanced data to help analyze

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  • GARMIN T5 EXTRA DOG DEVICE (010-01041-71)

  2x AA

  Waterproof IPX7- 1m. profundity

Multi-Dog Tracking GPS Garmin Alpha 50 & T5

Tracking device Alpha 50: for hunting dogs

· Tracks up to 20 dogs at a time, with distances up to 14.5 km using the Garmin T5 collar device or up to 6.4 km with the T5 Mini collar device.

· 2.5-second refresh rate provides fastest location tracking when dogs are moving.

· With GPS / GLONASS reception for better satellite monitoring in demanding environments and a dual battery system.

· With advanced security features such as geofences and rescue mode.

· The advanced data on your dogs help analyze the patterns and behavior of each of your dogs hunting, see the distance traveled, time elapsed and much more.


With the fastest 2.5-second location updates and the ability to track up to 20 dogs, Alpha 50 is the next-generation dog tracking system for handheld devices. Intuitive and easy to use, the Alpha 50 handheld incorporates a 2.6-inch color display, an optional built-in rechargeable battery, geofences and advanced data to help analyze your dog's tracking habits in the field, so that You can learn to train more effectively. Alpha 50 can be used in conjunction with other Alpha 50 and Alpha 100 devices to track dog collars simultaneously.


Follow all the movements of your dog

By using Garmin's T 5 or T 5 Mini collars (available in pack or separately) to transmit each dog's location every 2.5 seconds, Alpha 50 quickly determines the path they are following even when they are moving. From the Alpha screen, you can see your dog's current location and a trace of where it has been. You can also switch to the Dog Tracking page to see a compass pointing towards your dog's location. To help keep the overall situation in view when tracking multiple dogs, automatic zooming allows you to easily zoom in or out of the map page so that all dogs can be seen on the screen at any time. Dogs that are too far apart to fit on the current map zoom scale may appear marked in the margin of the screen, in the direction of the dog's location. To reduce visual saturation on the map, you can switch between "show all", "show some" and "do not show any", and select how long the tracking of each dog on the screen will be visible. You can also share the tracking code of a dog so that another person can see the location of that dog on the map of your unit along with the dog tracking compass. In addition, by sharing a dog's control code, you can allow someone else to set up and control the device on your dog's collar.


Comprehensive tracking of advanced dog data

Sophisticated hunting metrics help control your dog's hunting patterns and behaviors to optimize your training opportunities. You can see the times, the distance traveled and the general scores of your dog. In addition, the Alpha 50 will also capture the number of times an "in-sample" or "cornered prey" event was indicated during the hunt.


Get more details with additional maps

Alpha 50 features a microSD ™ card slot that allows you to load even more map options such as TOPO or BirdsEye Select (sold separately). You can also opt for City Navigator® NT map data that gives you turn-by-turn driving directions on the road. In addition, Alpha 50 is compatible with BirdsEye satellite imagery (with a free 1-year subscription included), so you can download satellite images to your device and integrate them with your maps. Alpha maps show relevant geographic features and let you know if your dog has crossed a river or is near a dangerous road. Alpha 50 also supports Garmin Custom Maps, free software that transforms electronic and paper maps into maps that can be downloaded to the device.


Share wirelessly

With a broad ecosystem of wireless connectivity options, the Alpha 50 can support data transfer from drive to drive with a variety of compatible Garmin devices. For example, the Garmin DriveTrack ™ 70LM GPS navigator can receive and display dog positions on your moving map, with TOPO views or satellite images, which show directions to your dog's current location. Also, fēnix® 3 GPS clocks can receive updates and alerts on the status of the dog that can be viewed at a glance at the wrist. In addition, when you're in the field, Alpha 50 lets you wirelessly link and share dog details with compatible ANT + ® devices from your friends to help coordinate hunting logistics on the fly.


Turn your computer into a base station for tracking dogs

Load BaseStation software on your laptop to make it a field control center to track multiple dogs (equipped with T5 or T5 Mini dog devices). Receive real-time GPS information on your computer screen, making it ideal for searching for dogs and rescue equipment. And because it works with GPS / GLONASS, you will receive tracking information even when the Internet and mobile phone service are not available.


Solid, water resistant and sturdy

Like all outdoor Garmin products, Alpha 50 is designed to be effective, easy to use, reliable and strong enough to withstand all the bumps, potholes and muddy conditions of training and hunting. The handheld device is water resistant to IPX7, and can be operated with standard AA batteries. It is also optionally available with a NiMH battery pack that can be recharged from the device. In addition, if you ever drop or lose the Alpha 50 device in the field, its high visibility orange case makes it easy to locate.


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