New and unique Leatherman PST Original, limited units of this collector's edition.

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Weight 147g

Leatherman PST Original

The Collector's Edition PST is based on the original design of Tim Leatherman. Package and commemorative packaging included.

This collectible tool is inspired by the original PST design launched in 1983. Simplicity, utility and portability make it a classic. Each piece is marked with Tim Leatherman's autograph and serialized on the inner handle. Each PST Limited Edition is manufactured 100% in the USA. UU And it includes a leather case.


Heritage Leatherman 35th Anniversary Collection


Main Features

· Tim Leatherman's signature - Tim Leatherman's signature stamped on the handle of the tool.

· Lanyard Ring - This secure ring is for securing the tool securely to a cord. Often, people who work near water or on scaffolds connect their tool to a cord to avoid losing the tool if it falls.



· Needle nose pliers

· Regular pliers

· Wire cutters

· Hard wire cutters

· 420HC knife

· Wood / Metal File

· Phillips screwdriver

· Large screwdriver

· Medium screwdriver

· Small screwdriver

· Punch

· Rule (8 in | 19 cm)

· Can opener

· Bottle opener