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AlgatecOutdoor is our online store that shows the passion for Full Nature that moves us. We choose high-quality and lightweight products. To help you in nature, you will find the Leatherman multitool and also ecological batteries for your caravan or self-sufficiency wherever you go. Enter and discover our preferred products. Enjoy your outdoor adventures the way they were meant to be!


Algatec Outdoor Team

Algatec Outdoor is our online store from where we serve our products to half of Europe. In our product catalog we have first-class brands to fully enjoy outdoor sports such as LEATHERMAN, SINGING ROCK, SEA TO SUMMIT, GARMIN, OLIGHT or INOOK, brands recognized worldwide for the quality of their products.

Our business has 70 years of experience, and since 2005, we have been one of the most international Spanish online stores in the optics and outdoor sports sector. Multitools, binoculars, flashlights, snowshoes, ice axes, crampons, clothing and all the accessories you may need to enjoy your favorite sport outdoors.

Experts, competitive and ready to satisfy your demands, with fast service and customer service focused on answering your questions and needs.

Do not hesitate and visit the full range of products that we offer or call us!

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